Why San Francisco?

'San Francisco has long been regarded as the most important West Coast centre for photography and is arguably today the most important city in the US for the medium, alongside New York. 

San Francisco contains many leading institutions strongly dedicated to photography, namely: the Asian Art Museum, the de Young Museum, Pier 24 and SFMoMA. It is our aim to work closely with these institutions. As a result, the city has a strong commitment and sensitivity to photography. This has translated into a large and important group of dynamic collectors based in the city and stretching North and South to other areas of California.

One of the main aims of the fair will be to further enthuse, educate and motivate new and existing collectors in the wider Silicon Valley area through the use of a very clear and elegant conversation between the Americas, Asia and Europe, for the first time in this format. 

San Francisco was home to the ‘f/64 group’ of modernist photographers who were to change the course of the medium’s history in the early 20th Century. Its main exponents being some of the most important figureheads in the history of the medium; most notably Ansel Adams, Imogen Cunningham and Edward Weston.

The same energy for pushing the boundaries of photography continues today with a key group of living artists with strong market presence and collectibility. PHOTOFAIRS | San Francisco will aim to celebrate this work as part of its overall programming.

Like PHOTOFAIRS | Shanghai, PHOTOFAIRS | San Francisco will also provide a unique platform for American, Asian & European galleries to showcase their work to international collectors. PHOTOFAIRS | San Francisco will therefore aim to provide a new exciting platform for these dynamic worlds to come together to celebrate photography on a truly international scale. In its first edition, the fair aims to spotlight masterworks of photography, alongside some of the most exciting work coming out of the Americas, Asia and Europe. With PHOTOFAIRS | Shanghai we have managed to create the most important platform for the medium in Asia. We look forward to impacting the photographic community with a relevant and curated event in the same way with PHOTOFAIRS | San Francisco.'

Alexander Montague-Sparey

Artistic Director, PHOTOFAIRS

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