Why Shanghai?

Why Shanghai?

Shanghai is today the largest city by population in the world.

PHOTOFAIRS | Shanghai has been created in direct response to the increasing demand in China and the Asia-Pacific region for collectible fine art photography. 

Shanghai is today host to the largest number of galleries dedicated to the medium in the Asia-Pacific region.

PHOTOFAIRS | Shanghai, Asia’s leading international art fair dedicated to photography, offers unrivalled exposure and opportunity for galleries to operate in the fastest growing market in the world for the medium.

The Chinese art market has shown increasing buoyancy over the last decade, with a 44% increase in sales across commercial platforms in 2015. 

Shanghai presents itself as an exciting opportunity due to the maturity of the local art scene, the rapid increase in private museums and cultural institutions, and the growth in presence of local and international auction houses and galleries.

PHOTOFAIRS | Shanghai above all facilitates the possibility for regional & international collectors to witness the work of collectable photography by emerging and established artists from the Asia-Pacific Region, the Americas and Europe.

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