Book Signings

Book Signings

Throughout the public openings of PHOTOFAIRS | Shanghai, photographers will autograph their books on the stands of the publishers and galleries participating in Paris Photo.

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Saturday September
10 9月10日周六  



"The Forgotten People", "On the Road" & "Four Seasons"


Artist: Lu Nan

Beginning in 1989, Lu Nan spent fifteen years completing his trilogy: Part One: The Forgotten People—The Condition of China’s Psychiatric Patients; Part Two: On the Road—The Catholic Faith in China; Part Three: Four Seasons—Everyday Life of Tibetan Peasants. In this opus magnum of epic photography works, Lu Nan affirms a richly human way of seeing. Each photograph in the trilogy stands on its own, yet belonging inalienably to the whole.








Alps - Geographies and People


Artist: Olivo Barbieri
艺术家:Olivo Barbieri

Presenting 19 works from the renowned Italian photographer Olivo Barbieri's critically acclaimed series Alps - Geographies and People, the book of the same title includes four new works that have never been published before, with an essay written by the wl-known photography scholar Gu Zheng. The subject of "Alps - Geographies and People" is how the mountain is perceived from the climbers' point of view - its peaks and precipices, the mirages and hallucinations in its geography. In these images, everything is true. The proportions and the forms are real. Even the people and the position they're in...those, too, are real.









Artist: Ian Teh
艺术家:Ian Teh

Abstract beauty collides with the gritty reality of contemporary Asia in Ian Teh’s work, producing an effect that is at once mesmerising and disconcerting. If his subject is the world of the unseen – the people and landscapes that are everywhere, but strikingly unnoticed – then his images, too, draw the viewer into that nebulous space between admiration and revulsion, though there is barely a difference between the two.”







“La Chute”&”Hyper”

Artist: Denis Darzacq
艺术家:德尼 达扎克

“La Chute” 《堕落》:

Here with the series "La Chute", which has received the first prize of World Press Photo (WPP) in 2007; Denis Darzacq offers us a stage where the streets, the neighborhoods, the urban environment of Paris unfold in the background of young Parisians who seem suspended in time and space. Finally be free of gravity, in a hope that it would never falls, Denis Darzacq manages to give us the true picture of this indecisive youth who has a deep creative energy and synthesizes it into a jump, a fall or just an infinite moment of pure contemporary poetry. It is the first time that "La Chute" will be exhibited in China completely and comprehensively.

作品被法国蓬皮杜艺术中心、欧洲摄影中心等重要美术馆和艺术机构收藏,受到法国各个文化机构的支持,德尼 达扎克近20年来的艺术创作都十分追求摄影作品所要表达的意义,传递的思想,以及摄影与主题之间的关系。于2007年获得世界新闻摄影比赛WPP(又称荷赛奖)金奖的系列作品《坠落》,通过本次展览首次在中国完整的呈现。德尼 达扎克呈现出的画面中,街道、居民区,巴黎郊区的背景下,年轻的巴黎青年仿佛悬浮在时间和空间里。带着最终摆脱地球引力,永不落下的愿望,图片中这些充满创造力和能量的年轻人,就如同画面一样充满未知,也许未来是一个跳跃,一个坠落或者就是纯粹的当代诗歌般的永不结束的一个瞬间。


Denis Darzacq’s latest photographic series, Casques and Hyper, explore the singular and awkward relations between desiring, mobile subjects and restrictive, coercive spaces. They stage a series of tensions, which are caught, like a breath, between divergent forces: nature and culture, the corporeal and the architectonic, global and local, consumption and creation. Deeply theatrical, the photographs are staged in carefully selected settings, in the frame of which Darzacq invites his subjects to pose and perform. There is, however, no digital trickery or photomontage in Darzacq’s works: what you see in these images, no matter how improbable or unthinkable, happened. Another tension crackles, then, in Darzacq’s photography: between the energies (or rhetoric, perhaps) of art and documentary photography.

德尼·达扎克最新的摄影系列“头盔” 与”超级”试图探讨欲望、移动物体、局限和强制性空间之间奇特而尴尬的关系。他导演了不同力量之间的紧张冲突关系-自然与文化,身体与架构,全球化与本地化,消费与创造。这些极具戏剧感的摄影作品被安排在精心布置的场景中,摄影作品里的主角被邀请至展览现场配合作品展示进行表演和造型。达扎克作品本身却不存在一丝数字修改或影像蒙太奇的痕迹。作品中的景象,无论看起来多么奇特或不可思议,都是切实发生的真实时刻。因此达扎克的摄影作品也是艺术力量(或者说表现力)与纪实影像间的博弈结果。







Sunday September 11




Artist: Takashi Arai

Japanese young photographer Takashi Arai, the winner of 41th Kimura Ihei Award 2016, will hold his book signing at Timeless Gallery (booth C12) with his awarded book Monuments. This book is Arai’s serious exploration on the conflicts between human being, nuclear power, environment and development since the 3.18 Earthquake of Japan. The artist presents these issues and his own thoughts by the unique expression of daguerreotype. Japanese master photographer Kikuji Kawada once commented Arai’s work: :This daguerreotype photograph allows our eyes and mind to synchronize with the day, and reveals a world full of conflict carved by civilization. Here, the aged technique of the daguerreotype is reborn as an original method chosen by a keen photographer.








Ying Ji

Artist: Ying Ji  

This catalog represents three B&W photographs series Ying Ji has been working on since 2013: Prisoner of Childhood, End of Spring and Black Persimmon.

"Black Persimmon, for instance, is inspired by the terrors and horrors of today—among others, by the crimes of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant—yet does not directly refer to or illustrate them. Whereas Prisoner of Childhood uses the personal experience as a starting point and ends with an aesthetic-discursive work of general relevance, Black Persimmon proceeds from media observations and general reflections on death and terror which, in turn, are particularized in the sense of what Szeemann called an "individual mythology". Again, the artist marks off an ambiguous field of tension and unfolds her series against a background that is general as well as deeply personal. In 2015 she stated in an interview: "Every life is precious and I want to express this feeling. It is a personal impression and my thoughts toward matters of life and death. Apart from these social events [acts of terror], I have also put into the works my feelings from what happened in my life and to my friends. They are maybe of a different significance but they share this common theme."




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